Hatpin How-to

Not sure how to wear a Hat Pin?

You can wear them as a purely decorative feature on your hats, you can use them to attach decorations onto your hat, or you can use them to actually help keep your hat on your head!


Rather than sewing or gluing on your hat decorations, with a little creativity you can use the lovely Hat Pins to temporarily pin decorations to your hat!

This allows you to switch your hat decorations as often as you like, and you’ll feel like you have a whole collection of new hats!
If you want to use them to keep your hat on, work out the best position for the hat on your head, and where the hatpin would be most effective.  If possible make a small ponytail there (you only need a small amount of hair), or criss-cross a couple of bobby pins, so that the hatpin has something extra to grip.
Carefully poke the hatpin through your hat, collecting some of your hair (but not your scalp!) and then back out through your hat.  If you have created a small ponytail, the pin should ideally pass between your scalp and the band holding the ponytail.  This helps anchor the pin and hat to your head.
When poking the hatpin through your hat, particularly tougher felt hats – be careful not to force the pin through so that you don’t damage the hat or bend the pin.  Try to make sure you poke the Hat Pin through straight to avoid bending it.
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