Cloth Pad (Regular) Purple/Red Spots


Reusable cloth incontinence pads offer an eco-friendly and comfortable alternative to disposable pads. Suitable for moderate incontinence. Simply wash and reuse!  Plastic press-studs keep the wings fastened together and the fabric backing of the pad (as well as well fitting underpants) keep the pad in place.

This is a single waterproof reusable cloth pad.  (Image shows 2 pads so you can see the back and front of the pads).  With red Suedecloth top and print cotton backing.

Approx 22cm long and 6.5cm crotch width when snapped.

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Absorbency Rating & Usage
These pads offer a regular/medium to heavy absorbency.  They are suitable for moderate incontinence.

Top Fabric (skin side) – Suedecloth
Suedecloth is a synthetic fabric that resists staining or fading, feels soft and will allow moisture to wick through into the core of the pad while staying relatively dry on top.

Inside Core Fabric – Zorb
2 layers of highly absorbent “zorb” fabric to absorb urine.

Waterproofing – PUL
“PUL” waterproof fabric is a fabric that has been coated with an ultrathin polyurethane coating, and is commonly used in making cloth nappies and cloth pads to help prevent leaks (However you should change the pad before it becomes too full)

Backing Fabric (Underpants side) – Printed Cotton
The cotton fabric helps to grip the underpants, as well as looking pretty 🙂

Cloth Pad Care & Use Information: