Magnetic Converter Clasps – Gold (Pair)


These magnetic clasps allow you to convert any standard (lobster/parrot clasp) necklace into a magnetic clasp for easier use.
Suitable for most necklaces, but is not recommended for very heavy necklaces or bracelets.

Set of 2 magnetic clasps to convert 2 necklaces.
Approx 0.8mm wide magnet

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Simply attach the existing necklace clasp onto the ring end of the converter and attach the clasp end of the converter onto the necklace.

Shown here with different shaped gold converter on silver necklace to highlight how it works, but both silver and gold are available to match with your jewellery.


Magnetic clasps offer a reasonably strong magnetic hold, but a very heavy necklace may require one of the heavy-duty magnetic clasp converters.